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Leadership Coaching

With leadership coaching we help clients achieve the development, growth and change they seek in both their professional and personal lives. We help clients align their defined purpose, vision and courageous core to create more just, humane and effective organizations. We also help leaders appreciate the value of being respected as the guardians of dignity, civility and equity throughout their organizations.

Our leadership coaching is client-centered, focusing on the client’s identified needs and goals for enhancing leadership capabilities, personal growth and organizational effectiveness. We work from the perspective that the client is whole, competent and capable. We accept and honor the client as the authority on himself or herself; and as such, most answers and solutions lie within the client rather than coming from the advice of the coach.

It is through a confidential, creative and thought provoking conversational process that we work with clients to understand the client’s context, existing obstacle and blind spots that may be impeding success or desired change. The coaching conversation helps clients reframe, expand their range of options and discover new possibilities.

We continue to coach clients as they implement organizational and personal change and practice new behaviors associated with the change.