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Organization Consulting

Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership development focuses on heightening the individual leader’s self-awareness, e.g., awareness of their unique identity, values, worldview, strengths and development needs. In partnership with the client organization, we focus on the assessment of individuals’ talents relative to their current skills and capabilities, and their future potential.

We link leadership development to the strategic direction of the organization, and focus on developing competencies and capabilities that are critical to organizational success today and in the future. We also work with individuals to help develop their skills in the areas of interpersonal dynamics, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and cultivating courageous and empowered followership, as well as future leaders.

We collaborate with clients in the design of development plans targeted to the specific development needs of particular individuals. Together we explore growth facilitating challenges, stretch job assignments, action learning projects and the ongoing support required to facilitate their learning and development. We strive to help clients develop their distinctive leadership presence.