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Team Effectiveness

Increasingly the work of organizations is performed through collaboration among individuals, groups and teams. Also, work groups and teams are increasingly composed of diverse membership in terms of skills and capabilities, lived experiences, ethnicity, gender, nationality and a multitude of other social identity features.

This reflects the interdependent and often virtual nature of contemporary work processes, as well as the reality that rarely will one person possess all of the skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform complex tasks and assignments in their totality. Thus, the necessity for collaboration; and often collaboration across social identity differences.

We help organizations create conditions conducive to effective organizational teaming. Working with team members we help them develop the skills necessary for constructive dialogue, providing useful feedback, solving problems collaboratively, exploring differences and resolving conflict. We help team members better understand group and interpersonal dynamics, appreciate diverse perspectives and multiple realities, and leverage differences within teams in pursuit of common objectives.

With team coaching we work with leaders and their teams to help heighten their awareness of real-time, in the moment, team behaviors and performance. We help team members examine their current situation, as well as possible covert processes or competing agenda, so they may determine the necessary changes required to improve team performance, team effectiveness, results and satisfaction.